Thank you to
Jane and the kids for letting me go on this trip
Jo Biddolph for her amazing support and energy and for working night and day
organising all the PR.
Warren Morson for all his hard work at the launch and throughout Europe
Brian Lisus for making a wonderful violin
Agnes Reau from CBS for all her support and encouragement along the way.
The Prime Minister and staff at Number 10 for a donation and allowing me to
scrape away on the doorstep for a bit!
New York
Nancy and Dan Arshack for housing a total stranger for four days.
Thank you for a lift to the airport too.
Sandy Weisburst, my Ebay buyer
Mo Barrett for introducing me to the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra and
putting my performance on youtube.
Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra and conductor, Nick Armstrong, for inviting
me to play at their concert.
Holly Hampton for inviting me to perform Ferdinand the Bull to the pupils at
The British International School in Manhattan.
Karen Romano and Michael Ziegler for putting a roof over my head
on a very fleeting visit.
Simon Shercliff for arranging for me to play at the British Embassy,
providing a bed for the night, laundry service and a couple of cans of Guinness.
Libby Pratt for moral support and introducing us to her relatives
Liz and Rud Barrett for taking in a stranger at short notice, feeding me and
ferrying me around, and for arranging a great house concert.
Lisa Wong for coming to find me and setting lots of wheels in motion.
David Perlman and Jacqueline Wolf for hosting a concert in Boston
Karen Hilliard for lunch, lifts, organising an event in Lindon Park and a very
nice introduction to Boston
David Schoenbaum for his introductions and enthusiastic support
Dana Mezacurvitch for ferrying, feeding and very good company
Peter Zazofsky for a chance to meet up over coffee
Cathy Fuller, Allan McLellan and the team at WGBH at Boston for
getting me on the air.
April Peavey at the BBC
Tracy Huntington for her support and enthusiasm
Rachel Goldstein and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for letting me
take part in their Music Day. Great to have another fiddler to busk with.
Susan Stillinger and Rick McCarthy for setting up a concert and looking
after me for two manic days.
Mary McCarthy for giving me my first lesson on the Theremin
Dianne and Peter Simon for feeding and housing me
Robyn and Simon Wynberg for feeding and ferrying
Kevin Leung for a lift to the airport
Staff at the CN Tower for being so welcoming
Heather and Alan Kenney for feeding, watering and housing me
Dan Burritt  at CKNW Radio
CBC Television
Global TV
Globe and Mail
Janice and Robert Warren – a mate of mine since we were seven years old. Great to see you
again and to meet wonderful family.
Stewart Kershaw for coming to pick me up at the airport and driving me all the way to the Warrens.
Nelson Dong for setting up a great event at his firm’s offices.
Mike Brown for his support.
San Francisco
Lynda and Trevor Hastie for putting me up, organising busking and a great house concert.
Jon Angel and Jennifer Angel. Two very old and dear friends who bought me on Ebay.
Hoyt Smith for coming to San Francisco and doing an interview for KDFC Radio.
A very funny guy – he came up with all the best lines in our interview.
Joshua Kosman of the San Francisco Chronicle for writing a piece in the paper for me.
Los Angeles
Jane and Esa-Pekka Salonen for their support and hospitality.
Clive Wilkinson for his hospitality and putting on a superb evening dinner/concert.
Dennis Bartel at KUSC Radio. Great pleasure to meet him.
Eriko Matsumoto for sorting out my Santa Monica busking licence so quickly.
Ben Franz-Knight at the Santa Monica Pier for giving me a great spot to busk.
Dutton’s Bookstore in Santa Monica for inviting me to give an informal concert
Alexander Suleiman – thanks for stopping to say hello and coming to play at Duttons.
Look forward to our next meeting.
Wilma Wong for buying me on Ebay, fetching me from the airport and helping me
make some great contacts.
Nicolette Solomon and Carl van Wyk for all their support, organising the best welcome of the trip, arranging busking and a concert and for continuing to help Musequality.
Melissa and Edward Roske and Cynthis Engro for all their assistance in organising a very busy day.
Margaret Hubing for taking on the job of processing Musequality’s US charity donations
Oscar Levy for allowing me to couch surf at his place.
Guillermo Levy for inviting me to his son’s first birthday party.
Kelly Cobiella and CBS for setting up an interview.
Plum TV
Rodrigo Guerrero for showing me around an incredible and inspiring organisation.
Maestro Abreu for making me so welcome.
Bob Nadkarni at The Maze. This is the best place in the world, seriously!
Feliphe Lavor for his advice and support
Sergio da Costa e Silva for inviting me to play in his series at the Museo de Republica
The British School at Urca for inviting me to play at their assembly
Adrian Valera and Rosario Varela Pareja for moral support.
Buenos Aires
The wonderful Livingston family, Ana, Emma and Nick for looking after me so well.
Enrique Guerra, tango-bass king for inviting me along to a recording session to see how tango should be played. Unbelievable.
Los Angeles
Clive Wilkinson, an old mate, one of the 1978 busking team, for putting me up.
Hong Kong
Alex Fung, CEO of Societe Generale Private Banking for inviting me back to perform for their clients. Thanks too to Patsy Leung Pech for all her help in organising the event.
Peter Yu and Iris Wong of  The Miramar Group for promoting a fund-raising event at The Lumiere restaurant which raised over £2500 for Musequality. Additional thanks to Wilson Wong and Yan Man for all their work organising the evening.
Phil Murphy at The Lumiere – a great host. Thank you for such a warm welcome and two wonderful meals.
Brenda and Laurence Scofield and Irma for feeding, housing and taking in my laundry.
Bukchong 72 Guest House – great place to stay
Dr Young M Zhang, Gallery Ghm Bit for arranging a private concert and making a very generous donation.
Michiko Abe, Abesan – just a wonderful woman. Thank you! Impossible to list everything she did.
Yoshi and Fumi Mukai for their hospitality, setting up the concert, guiding me round Tokyo, being prepared to lie on the ground to get a photo of the Tokyo Tower, and for a lift to the airport.
Makiko. Aime for taking me around from pitch to pitch and looking after me so well.
Roger Lenk for his invitation to play at St Michaels International School
Mtr Sujita for arranging for me to play in the Zest shopping centre.
Garic Wong – for the lending his apartment to a complete stranger and having a driver meet me at the train station
Victor Rowse for being very good company despite a hangover
Marcus Shadbolt – great company and a very generous host
Ed and Sophie for a very enjoyable evening meal
Peter Batey for lending his apartment to a complete stranger and having a driver meet me at the airport
Ewan Lamont for introducing me to Slobber Chicken
Su Zhen for arranging for me to play with some of her friends
Xue Wei – great to see you again
Marcus Shadbolt  - excellent company
Everybody at Vermilion-Partners for feeding me so well in Beijing
Harrow International School for inviting me to play to the pupils.
Hong Kong
Robby Nimmo – for hospitality and some excellent leads with the local media
Phil Whelan – for inviting me onto his radio programme and introducing me to
Brenda and Laurence Scofield –wonderful hosts to me for the second part of my stay in Hong Kong.
Phil Cheung for help, advice, a very good meal and arranging a place to stay in Shanghai
Yew Kia Koh – a fantastically generous host and supporter of  Musequality. Hard to know where to start. Especially grateful for the 4.45am lift to the airport!
Paul Chiang for inviting me to Philharmonia Moment Musical and arranging concerts and masterclasses
George Ho for hosting an afternoon concert in his apartment
Tea Room for hosting a concert

Sook Yee and Ken Choo for a place to stay, for looking after me, organising everything and being such generous hosts.
Shuh Fang Koo – Wonder Woman! The most incredible organiser I have ever met.
Rob Turnbull – great company and I will never forget that it was him I have to thank for my first experience of durian.
Hong Bei Yu for inviting me to play at the Singapore Art Museum
Chris Helm – my ‘hidden hand’ in the Far East - for some great introductions.

Rick Prakhoff – For all his organisation. A great bloke – look forward to the next bottle of wine.
Anna Murphy – for her support
Mary Johnston – for a place to stay and looking after me so well
Susie Booth – for some very good ideas and being my ‘banker’.
Kate and Jon Gunn for all their help with radio stations, busking pitches and food as well as their company
Mark and Jude Ginsberg for a place to stay, numerous lifts, moral support and everything else
Anna Morris for driving me around and being my photographer
Robert Gerrish – an old mate
Julie Cleland, Myers and the Cherrys for buying me on Ebay
Nimrod Moloto for looking after me and showing me a part of South Africa I’d never seen before.
Melodi Music – Lovely kids
Rosemary Nalden for showing me around Buskaid, a great institution
Richard Cock for a delicious supper, a slot on his radio programme and helping ‘fix’ various things round Jo’burg
Cape Town
Mum for everything
Leanne Dolman and the kids at the Hout Bay Music Project Great company and an inspiring bunch of kids with a brilliant teacher.
Brian Lisus for the violin and his support
Angie and Sharon in Greyton for putting on a concert for me.
Peter Martens and Xandi van Dyke for busking with me in Stellenbosch and a special thanks to Quentin Crida for passing the hat round
The kids from the Hout Bay Music Project and Leanne Dollman – a great bunch.
Sam and Kiggundu Musoke for having me to stay and looking after me so well. Apologies for getting Kigundu out of bed at 4am to drive me to the airport!
Simon Yiga For showing me around Kampala, introducing me to some wonderful people and all his hard work on the Tender Talents Project.
Frank and the children at the Tender Talents Magnet School – they gave a wonderful performance.
The guys from the M-LISADA Brass Band – an inspirationPortsmouth
Portsmouth Festivities andTim Hands and Pippa Cleary for their help in setting up my busking pitch and encouraging the audience donations.
Hotel Fontana di Trevi a room for the night – stay here when you go to Rome.
Hotel Relias Fontana Di Trevi
Geerte Wachter  and Harro Maas for a bed for the night and laundry service – much appreciated even though I lost my case the next day!
Ann Kristin at Musik Valvet for inviting me to join in their concert
Thank you to Rasmus Tinning for his support

Maria Scheterlich for taking me round Leipzig and helping me find he best pitch.
Christopher Scheterlich
Michael Scheterlich encouragement, ideas and excellent company
Sascha Scwartz for a place to sleep after a hard day
Giosue Betto Cohen for all his helpful advice
Angelo – for showing me round Milan
Jeffrey Tate for taking up my cause
John MacGregor and his staff at the British Embassy– words are inadequate
Cobus Swanepoel for a very good lunch and a bolt hole for an afternoon
Dorothea and Mirion Glas for picking me up
Sasha and Nathalie Davies for their great merchandising
Bobby Kok and Margeret Cooke for their hospitality
Christine Bradshaw for photography and supporting the family back home
Jeremy Bradshaw for his massive support and incredible energy that he has put into this project
Sir Humphrey Maud for his invaluable assistance and words of wisdom
Rowan Freeland for the same and his signature on various documents
Mo Howley for her encouragement
Sue Dolton and the MBF for their encouragement
Thank you to Andy Bass and Toshiba UK for giving us a
Toshiba 500 Smart Phone and paying the tariff
Thank you to  Jeremy, Ben and Ali Bradshaw, Jane Anderson,Torin Douglas, the Bedford
Park Festival organisers, Jocie and Jordie and friends and family for organising and
supporting the departure.
Charlotte Borger and Shona Scott for valuable press advice.
Thank you to all of Jane's family especially Nimmy and Philip for their generosity and for helping with the launch.
Pre trip
Thank you to Andrew Riley at The String Zone and Hima
for donating a Hima violin case for the journey.
Thank you to Matthew Coltman for the loan of one of his beautiful bows.
Thank you to Jane Anderson for sponsoring the Round the World banner and
being there for the family back at home.

A huge thank you to all those who have supported us, giving so generously
of their time and money.

Round the World and Bach and Musequality gratefully acknowledge the
valuable pro bono contributions from

Abbey Road Recording Studios
Philip Pirie Executive coach,
Francis Pearce journalist and copywriter
Andrew Walton producer, K&A
Rowan Freeland Lawyer
Christine Bradshaw Photographer

Many thanks to contributions from;

LMP audience, Grand Hotel Eastbourne
Studio Music audience
London Tango Quintet audience Bush Hall
Miss E Bennett
Prof. June Juritz
Ealing Symphony Orchestra
LMP audience
Windmill Theatre, Havering
Colin Kirby Green Studio Music
LMP audience Cheltenham
Michael Posner and Julia Desbruslais
Rebecca Leyton Students
Maureen Montrose
Mr Fuller
Rowan Freeland
LMP audience
Cadogan Hall
LMP audience Carnaevon
LMP audience Fairfield Hall
Friends of Liverpool Philharmonic
LMP audience
LMP Friends coffee morning
Mrs S Harrison
Miss P Botley
Louise and Patrick Grattan
Dr Jane Anderson

John and Sue Black

and many others who prefer to remain anonymous

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4 Oct Email quote
'If you don't hear from him when he should be in Union Square, please do ring me. There is no clear distinction between night and day in my life at the moment so please don't think twice. It's a round the world tour for
him - and a round the clock tour for his wife and me!

Jo Biddolph, Project Manager

Most generous man
workerThank you to the itinerant worker (in blue) in Little India, Singapore who insisted on giving David $5 for the 'little children's education'.
We hope life rewards him, he deserves it.

Best photoTaxi shotMake sure you get my feet in', says David. Thank you to the taxi driver who took David's favourite photo at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

policemanPC Rowe at Covent Garden