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Press Release: 24 August 2007
The new violin
Media coverage
Week one: Turnham Green to Zurich
Week two: Venice to Rome via Stockholm
Week three: Kampala, the Tender Talents Magnet school

Press Release
23 August 2007
Round the World and Bach
60 000 miles on an empty wallet

An internationally acclaimed violinist has cast off his white bow tie and tails in order to busk his way around the world, raising funds for Musequality, a children's music charity.
David Juritz, who arrives in China on 30 August, says a mid-life crisis and a desire ‘to do something’ inspired him to swap the international concert stage for the humbler street corners and steps of world’s concert houses
So far on his journey, the bemused pedestrians of Rome Vienna, Johannesburg, Sydney and Singapore, have passed by, unaware that the fiddler, donned in jeans and T-shirt, usually attracts a well-heeled, captive audience to hear his Bach interpretations.
With the comforts of his London home now far behind him, Juritz has left the security of his job as the leader of the London Mozart Players to rely on his busking donations to survive and fund his travel through six continents over the next 4 months.
‘I walk around feeling hungry a lot of the time and get really thirsty.’ he says. Apart from a bruised ego and sore feet he has managed to stick to his itinerary and maintain a sense of humour.
Juritz is raising money for the charity Musequality, which sponsors music projects for disadvantaged children in developing countries. He says his busking experiences has given him a small insight into the lives those marginalised children lead, ‘Playing outside halls where, in the past I’ve led orchestras has been quite sobering. I’ve discovered that, sometimes in life, it’s not what you have to offer but your situation that makes the difference whether people notice you or not.’ 
Juritz has spent two weeks in Africa, visiting projects supported by Musequality in Kampala, Cape Town and Soweto. ‘The engagement and self-belief that these kids find through music is incredible,’ he says, ‘and what I find most exciting is that, when you speak to them, they are all aiming high for the future. These are kids who want to become lawyers, economists, psychiatrists and nurses, and I've no doubt that the discipline and self-respect they are developing now will help them to achieve their goals. It's wonderful to see.’
To arrange an interview and hear more Bach from this internationally acclaimed musician contact:
Jane Davies +44 20 8747 4869 email
David Juritz   +44 7824 351 921 email
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Hong Kong 26 to 30 August
Shanghai 30 August to 1 September
Beijing 2 to 4 September
Japan 4 to 9 August
Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela 11 to 30 September
USA, Canada 1 to 16 October
Since 9 June 2007 David has visited;
London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Venice, Milan, Berlin, Leipzig, Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rome, Portsmouth, Kampala, Cape Town, Soweto, Johannesburg, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore.

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