Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, the charity you are supporting will receive an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue, helping your donation go further.


This means that £10 can be turned into £12.80 just so long as donations are made through Gift Aid. Imagine what a difference that could make, and it doesnÕt cost you a thing.


To use Gift Aid, please fill in this form and send it with your donation to


Musequality, 106 Woodstock Rd, London, W4 1EG




I would like to make a donation to Musequality using Gift Aid. My details are:



First name                                                      Surname                                            









I would like to Gift Aid the enclosed donation of £________________


I would like to Gift Aid all donations IÕve made to Musequality since 6 April 2000 and all donations in the future until I notify you otherwise.




To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in income tax or capital gains tax must at least equal the amount the charity will claim in the tax year.




Registered Charity No. 1119308

Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales No.6216146