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A bit of Bach at Number 10
24 October
10 Downing Street, UK
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On 9 June International violinist
David Juritz left London with a backpack
and an empty wallet for a 60 mile
busk around the world, playing Bach's Partitas
and Sonatas. He aims to raise money and
awareness for a new charity Musequality
which funds music projects in deprived
areas across the world. The first project is the
Tender Talents Magnet School for aids
orphans in Kampala.
He returned home 24 Oct 2007.

News: 9 June
Turnham Green to Zurich
'One man shouts, gesticulates, leaps about
and harangues passers-by, all of whom
pretend he is not there. He, for all his
desperate efforts has become truly invisible
and it is clearly driving him mad..' more.

News: 26 June
Venice to Rome via Stockholm
'Caught a night train to Berlin, which was
shocking – the city, not the train. Got back to
my digs with €9 and blisters. Less said the
better. At least I slept in a proper bed...' more.

News: 31 July
Kampala to Cape Town
'There is no self-pity. In this community,
misfortune is everyday and, without any safety
net, these are people that can’t afford to give
in to heartaches, small or large

News: 12 July
Soweto to Australia
'I sneak up to the Opera House for that
all-important photo. We get the pic before being
chased away by security. Supper is a meat pie
and, as I look across to the Harbour Bridge, it
dawns on me that I’ve made it halfway round
the world. It feels great.
..' more

News: 26 July
Taipei to China
'The next morning I faced that eternal traveller’s
conundrum. Laundry or The Forbidden City?.

News: 9-15 Sept
Japan to Hong Kong (again)
The policeman spoke.  “He says this is criminal
activity.” Uh, oh.  After 10 minutes or so,
policeman one was joined by policeman two
and they conferred.  All the time I was wishing
I’d had a bite to eat as I was absolutely starving.
I recalled, wryly (and a little anxiously), the
old maxim: “Never get arrested on an empty
stomach or a full bladder”
' more

News: 16-28 Sept
Buenos Aires to Miami
El Sistema is a huge organisation with some
quarter of a million children currently involved in
their programme.The kids work amazingly hard
yet they all seem to be enjoying it and, when I
heard a group rehearsing Mahler, I could
see why.It was just all wonderful. more

News: 28 Sept-24 Oct
USA, Canada and back home
Outside the White House I am very politely
asked not to play my violin on the pavement.
The policeman says I can play as much
as I like as long as I stay in the road. more

Since 9 June 2007 David has visited;
London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Venice, Milan,
Berlin, Leipzig, Stockholm, Malmo,
Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rome, Portsmouth,
Kampala, Cape Town, Soweto, Johannesburg,
Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Taiwan, China,
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Argentina,
Montevideo, Brazil, Venezuela, USA, Canada
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